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Magpie Digital Services Pvt. Ltd



                 Magpie Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. is leading marketing and strategy designing company based in India, founded by Mrs. Sandhya Kakde (MBA in Marketing from Wisdom University) in 2015.

      Before we started Magpie Digital, we were on your side of the table (as entrepreneurs and business owners). We worked with every type of Marketing and advertisement  under the sun—boutique, traditional, international, mega-agencies. Sometimes these partnerships were great and yielded awesome results. But more often than not, it wasn’t a good fit.

       Through this experience, we realized there is a huge gap in the Companies landscape. None of the Marketing And Advertisement Companies "we talked to really understood our business or, more importantly, our goals". They told us everything we wanted to hear to get us to sign a contract.

But after the contract was signed, it seemed like all we heard was “scope this, scope that.” It was not what we wanted to hear. Thus, we created a full service Marketing and Advertisement Company, Magpie Digital Services, to provide the skills and insights of what clients actually need.

      Talking about the working culture the way magpie work with clients totally depends on positive attitude, trustworthy, innovative, maintaining relationship, clarity. Our expert team provide 24X7 support. It allows us to offer value-added services to the client and meet the specific need of clients.





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Branch Office: Eknath Puram, Shankar Nanag Road, Amravati-444607

Branch Office 2: Ratan Appartment, Chanakya Puram , Nagpur-440034

Head Office: 506,Sanskriti Arcade, Kaspate Wasti,     Wakad, Pune-411057